Why is fashion important?

Hey guysss!

I figured that I could write an article about why I think fashion is important these days. A lot of people think, that fashion is superficial and it’s some kind of a hypocrisy. Well, imagine two twin girls, looking exactly the same. They have the exact same education, same thoughts, same personalities. But one is wearing a great outfit and is looking awesome, the other one is wearing a bad outfit that doesn’t fit her at all. Which one of them would catch your attention first?

Well, I think that fashion is a kind of expression of yourself. It reflects you personality. It shows, how much you care about giving the good impression. I, personally feel awful when I know, that I’m wearing something that doesn’t suit me.

I’m gonna tell you a story. Once I was going back from mountains and I had to use the subway. I was wearing some kind of a sports pants, hiking boots and a puff jacket. A a gorgeous girl, wearing a beautiful coat, with a perfect make-up, got on on the next station. She took a place right next to me and I felt so small and inferior next to her. I couldn’t wait to wear a coat and a shirt. Maybe it’s just me because I’m obsessed with fashion and I don’t feel good when I look like a moron, but this all definitely shows that that girl knew what she was doing, she was strong, confident, beautiful, successful and perfect. While I was a bumpkin, which has just come from the nature and no one would even look at me.

I really think that clothes really matter. But if you don’t care about what you wear at all, there is no point of forcing yourself to it. Because if you wear something you don’t feel comfortable in, people can tell.

Let me tell you another story. I was shooting my fashion show in this outfit. For those who don’t know this show, I film another people’s outfits in the streets and comment them. Most of the people agree with filming, about every fifth person declines. Well, when I was wearing this outfit, we were standing for about 5 hours on the street. I asked about 20 people and 18 declined. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Martin (cameraman) told me: “why are you so surprised? Look at what you’re wearing! It looks like you wanna rob them.”
And why am I telling you this? It all means, that your clothes really affect other people’s opinion.

I’ll give you another example. Imagine sitting in school and getting ready for a lecture about economics. The speaker just enters the room and he’s wearing old, ugly jeans, stretched t-shirt, dirty sneakers and a backpack. I don’t know how about you guys, but the first thing that comes to my mind is: “What the heck is he doing here?!” And I would probably open my laptop and start writing a blog post. Well, another day another speaker comes. This time he’s wearing a fitting suit and a leather bag. I would respect this guy a lot more, than the other one. And there would be a better chance of me listening to the whole lecture. And what does that imply? That your clothes reflects your personality. And I’m back at the first paragraph of this whole article.

Everything makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? 🙂


Jacket – Zara
Pants – Zara
T-shirt – Zara
Headband – New Yorker
Shoes – Adidas 
Hanbag – Zara