San Diego – that’s the city which I will move into once

Hey everyone! 

Here’s a short report from another place in California that I returned to after a few years.

I fell in love with San Diego during my first visit in 2013 or so. It was also a California roadtrip back then. And I knew from the first moment that this was THE city. My dream city where I will move once.

And why San Diego?

1. Because the size of the city is absolutely prefect. Not too small to have everything I need for life, but not too big, to take me five hours from one end to another (with being stuck for three hours in traffic). 

2. Because everything I love is close. Of course, the beach would be in front of my house. It’s a three-hour drive to the mountains by car. They got great art, great cafés, great food, great chilled smiling people. Oh and hot guys! 

3. There is 25 degrees all year round. In winter, summer, day, night.

And what is your dream city guys? :))