Snow in Munich

Hey guys! 

Am I the only one here, or is there anyone else who loves snow in the city??? Every time it’s snowing, I go crazy, and I often run out and I don’t even know why. Most often I go and get some coffee. Yeah, sometimes I’m a little weird.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Morocco for 5 days, so that’ll be a little change since there is like 20°C! 🙂 This time I’m gonna have some supercool stuff for filming videos, so let’s see what can be done! I’m actually leaving from Frankfurt, so it’s a little complicated since I have to take a train first, but I’m really looking forward to it. I have planned two days in Marrakech, then I’m renting a car for 4 days to drive to the mountains and deserts and finally one day in Fes.

Anyways, in these pictures, I’m wearing a set by Broadway (via Zoot). The sweater is originally supposed to be worn the other way around, there is a stripe at the back, but I liked the stripe to be in the front, haha:) 

Hope you like it! <3 



Knitted Set – Broadway (via
Coat – Broadway (via
Shoes – Forever21
Hat – H&M
Handbag – H&M