Week in pictures

In cooperation with Borotalco


During the whole week I collected a few photos that are not related to each other, but I still wanted to share what my week after graduation looked like. One would say that I’d party all week. I’m probably old, because my week didn’t look anything like that.

That stress from last week followed me all week long, so I spent the beginning of the week in bed with a huge headache and exhaustion. The second half of the week was more active. I went to Fashion Arena within #zazijdenim where I enhanced my denim jacket (or rather destroyed:D). 

On Saturday I ran my first 10km race, where I almost died. I can manage 5 km in 20 minutes, so I’d say I’m pretty good at that. But the idea of ​​running 10 km in 40 minutes was out of table right after I started haha. I was invited by Borotalco, who was one of the main partners of the race. If someone doesn’t know what Borotalco is, it’s a brand that produces supercool deodorants with innovative Odor-Converter technology, which contains microcapsules and they activate when you sweat. Simply, the more you sweat, the more it works. And that’s why I use this deodorant for sports. 

Today I worked a bit in the Hub. At the same time, I joined the Plogging project, which you can see in my Instastories right now! In the afternoon, I stopped by the LG event, where new washing machines and dryers were introduced, but you will hear about those a lot more later because I’m just starting a new collaboration that I’m very much looking forward to 🙂

Well, now I’m sitting in my car and driving in the direction of the Alps! Finally! And now we’re getting back to the first paragraph of this article – celebration. Mountains are my celebration !!! :))) This time I’m going to Gosausee lake and I’m doing two ferratas! 

Have a great week guys!