Stand up what you believe in

Hey everyone!

The sun finally came out, so I was finally able to wear an all-white outfit and don’t get dirty because of all the mud and rain we were getting here in Prague lately! Martin, of course, made jokes about my clothes (I have to start writing them all down somewhere, because he always gives me hilarious comments on my outfit). He told me I looked like Emil Holub /Czech traveller and explorer/, who is currently going to safari, hahaha:)

It is true that people on the street looked at me kinda weird, but I would say that was mostly due to the funny combination of crutches, disabled leg and all-white outfit with a hat. Apart from usual, I was wearing Pandora jewelry. Observant readers have surely noticed that I like minimalism and simplicity, so I chose the simplest pieces. Their new spring collection is packed witch such cute pieces! I liked this fine set at first sight, and it could complete every elegant outft. Because the details is what matters! 

Pandora’s spring campaign is called “DO” and it encourages women to be strong. DO is about empowering women to take action. It encourages them to stand up for what they want. DO is a celebration of every moment of a woman’s life. DO encourages women to express their passions and dreams, to tell the world how they feel and what they think. To stand up for what they believe in.

I totally identify myself with it with all my heart, because I’m following my dreams and I stand up for what I want. There are many messages in the campaign, but I’m the most characterized by #DOStyle and #DoExplore because it reflects my two greatest passions. And this is fashion and traveling.

And also I encourage you to stand up for your dreams, girls. Be strong and celebrate every success. And when it comes to failure, tell yourself, that everything bad is good for something else. To me it have been confirmed several times. My injury probably wanted to tell me: “slow down, get some rest.” Well, I took an advantage of it and now I have time to study for the state exam. If nothing happened to me, I’d probably fail it because I wouldn’t have time to study. So I really believe that everything bad is good for something! 🙂

And what about you guys? What characterizes you the most? 🙂 



Culottes – F&F
Blazer – F&F
Top – Lindex
Shoe – Nike
Hat – Accessories
Jewelry – Pandora