#TeamFaster in Los Angeles with Puma

Hey guys! 

So I finally managed to turn on my computer, so I can finally write about the last few days, which were totally crazy! 

In the last article, I wrote why I was flying all the way to Los Angeles and what I was planning on doing here, so now I’ll tell you what I did for those two days. 

When I got off the plane, a driver was already waiting for me and dropped me off at the hotel right in downtown LA. Since everybody was arriving on that day, we didn’t have any program, which I really appreciated because I could use that time for taking a nap. I was super-exhausted after spending 20 hours on the airplane. A delivery man woke me up, when he knocked on the door. He brought me a bag full of clothes and shoes. I unpacked everything and I got so excited, that I hit the gym and destroyed myself before the event even started haha. 

The next day we were supposed to meet at 9am in the hotel lobby, so I had a quick breakfast, where I met a few people from Mexico & Argentina. They were pretty easy to spot, since they were all wearing Puma clothes haha. 

After breakfast, a minibus took us to Hudson Loft, which was a beautiful studio, where the whole program took place. 

We were supposed to have two workouts that day. The first one was led by 4 times Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton and his trainer. I almost died. There were a lot of box elements in the workout, which I’m not very good at, but I guess all that trying exhausted me. After the workout Lewis was surrounded by people wanting a picture with him. I waited a couple of minutes and apart from a picture I had a chance to chat with him for a bit. I was really surprised how short and slim he was, which he explained later. He needs to pay attention to his weight since every gram matters in the rase. I was also really surprised how nice & modest he was! I can’t believe that someone that famous & successful could be so friendly! When we were chatting, he was wondering from where I was and how I liked the workout. Then he gave me a hug (!) and wished me a wonderful rest of the summit. 

The second workout had some dancing elements and I had to give it up after about a half an hour because if there is something I don’t have the genes for, it would be dancing, singing and cooking, haha:)  

In between those two workouts we had a couple of workshops and of course tons of food & delicious coffee. I was really glad that Puma got us HEALTHY food, because if there was something I was really scared of, it would be American food, which you could just look at and still get fat, haha:) 

In the evening, we got back to the hotel and since I gave up my second workout, I hit the gym again.

There were two workout the second day as well, this time led by the Canadian sprinter Andre DeGrasse and a basketball player Skylar Diggins-Smith. In between those two, we got to sit & talk with Andre and a few most influential bloggers in LA. In the evening we all met for a closing party, first in the studio, then on the rooftop of our hotel, which I left a bit earlier than everyone else, because I was still jet-lagged as hell. 

Well, anyways, as you guys see, the program was totally packed and I didn’t even have time to wake up and it was already over. I had absolutely amazing two days with everyone else, which I’d repeat right away! 

And now another 7 days of Californian adventure are waiting for me! I’m heading south to San Diego and then north all the way to San Francisco with one special stop. Where at? You’re gonna have to find out in one of the coming articles, so stay tuned! <3 

And what about you guys, have you ever been to LA? Or to California in general? :))) What did you like the most? Let me know in the comments!