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Hey guys!

Lately, there’s this strange thing, which keeps happening to me. I always oversleep no matter how many hours I sleep at night. I never hear my alarm clock and if I do, I turn it off. And I don’t even remember it ringing or turning it off in my morning zombie mode.

So yesterday, like every day this week, I overslept for 45 minutes. I am not even surprised because I didn’t get up on time since Monday this week. Well, I trained all morning clients and set off for a regular car service. I came in there, and the lady asked me to sit down on the couch and wait a few minutes. Within two minutes, I passed out, and in about twenty minutes the service guy woke me up and apologized for letting me wait so long. I excused myself saying that I’m somehow super-tired, so we laughed at it and went to his office to do all the paperwork.

The complete check of my car was supposed to take several hours, so he offered me a ride to the metro station, because this service point is on a highway, where there is no bus. I was about to have two meetings on which I yawned every two minutes. In the afternoon I called Uber to take me back to the service point, where I was supposed to pick up my car. As soon as the driver hit the gas, I fell asleep on my passenger seat. I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open so I slept until we reached the destination, where I picked up my car and went to the gym to train my afternoon/evening clients. 

When I came home at 10pm, I really needed to prepare a presentation for the next day. Like every semester, I hold a lecture at the University of Economics, where I speak about dress-codes and today’s fashion trends. It’s a part of a lecture that teaches about etiquette for managers. But as soon as I sat down on the couch, my eyes fell down again. I set my alarm clock for 6:00am thinking I’d get the presentation ready in the morning. The lecture was from 11:00am, but from 8:00am I had one client in the gym.

I woke up at 7:50am, freaking out, so I wrote a message to the client, apologizing for oversleeping AGAIN, and I got ready as fast as I could. I obviously didn’t even look at the presentation, so it was one big free-ride, hahaha, but I think it went surprisingly well.

I don’t understand this at all, but I’m falling asleep not matter where I am at that time and I’m not able not to yawn for more than two minutes. In the morning I usually don’t remember anything at all, and 6 days out of 7 I overslept, while not enough sleep isn’t definitely the reason. I would say I sleep for 6-7 hours per day. Has this happened to anyone, guys? What am I supposed to do with this?!



Suit –
Shoes – Puma
Backpack – Parfois
Top – H&M