We bought flight tickets for our Christmas trip!

Hey everyone! 

So here we go! Finally, me and my mom figured out where we are going for CHRISTMAS! You may have noticed that we’ve started a bit of a tradition, so this is our third year of not spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve home. Maybe it’s odd, but maybe you’ll agree with me when I say it’s awesome to avoid Christmas stress.

After visiting Palestine and Tanzania, we wanted to spend Christmas in a cultivated Western country for a change. Something posh and nice. 

So we bought tickets to Vietnam and we’re doing a motorcycle trip in the wilderness, hahaha! I mean, we really wanted to have a posh beach vacation, but somehow the wilderness and adventure is in our blood. We were deciding between Florida & the Bahamas and Vietnam and Vietnam won, so I’m starting to think that we will never have a posh vacation, haha:) 

So, for the past three days, I have been doing nothing but planning a two-week trip to Vietnam and I have to say that it was probably the most demanding planning ever. Since neither of us has never been to South-East Asia (furthest in Beijing, but that doesn’t count), we don’t even know what to expect. This statement is confirmed by the fact that we thought we would cross the whole country (from the north to the south) on the motorbikes in two weeks. It’s only 2000 km! But it didn’t really come to our minds that our average speed on local roads will be about 10km/h and that we would need more than a month to do that. So we solved that by flying three times in total. 

So, it looks like we’re exploring Ha Giang, and in fact all the mountainous north on the motorcycles, spending a few days around Hanoi, doing a cruise in Ha Long Bay, flying to Pha Quoc Island, heading to Mekong Delta, and spending a little bit time around DaNang and Hoi An. I had to forget about 70% of the places I wanted to see in Vietnam so we promised ourselves to come back eventually and explore the rest. 

I’m definitely taking a drone with me and I will have a Nikon Z6 with two lenses, so I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen! I hope I’ll create a cool video and take a billion photos! 🙂



Leather Jacket – Zara
Pants – NA-KD
Sweater – Zara
Shoes – Vagabond (via Zoot.cz)
Bag – can’t remember:(
Bracelet – Daniel Wellington