Weekend camping trip to Saxer Lücke in Switzerland

Hey yall!

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that I love coming back to. This time we went to a place called Saxer Lücke.

It was Friday afternoon. My boyfriend and I both came from work, exhausted to death. We had planned to go to Southern Bohemia on Saturday morning, but neither of us was super excited about Southern Bohemia. After some thought, we agreed that we could go to some real mountains for the weekend, and so we packed the sleeping bags, the tent, and the dogs. Half an hour later we were in a car heading to Switzerland. Without any plan. Luckily, I have a list of places I haven’t been to yet, so I found Saxer Lücke, which seemed to be a perfect place for a 2-day trip.

We left Prague around 6 PM on Friday. We reached our final destination at 1.30 AM. It was as dark as hell when we were pitching our tent in a grassy spot near a mountain village. We had no idea what was around us. We couldn’t see anything.

In the morning we were awakened by a screaming local Swiss guy who was upset that we had camped on his property. We apologized and packed up within 10 minutes. (By the way, this was the first time anyone had thrown me out with a tent. Unfortunately, at night we set up a tent in a meadow a few yards from a house that unfortunately could not be seen and there was even a cable car above us. Bit of a fail.)

Ebenalp & cottage in a rock

After that incident, we drove to the cable car leading to Ebenalp. There’s a restaurant/cottage which is built directly into the rock. It can be found under the name Äscher Gasthaus or Wildkirchli. To reach the restaurant from the top station of the cable car, you have to walk down for a few minutes. You might even find a cave along the way, or Wildkirchli church, which is also built into the rock.

Then we followed the red signs down to Seealpsee Lake, which is a great spot for having a beer or a snack.

Saxer Lücke

From Seealpsee, we ran down to the car and drove to the village of Brülisau, where we parked in a paid car park. Even though we didn’t know if we were not sure of the possibility of spending the night in the mountains, we packed our sleeping bags & a tent, saying we’d just take our chances. We just have to find a grassy spot somewhere. We were kind of hoping it would be straight at Saxer Lücke.

We took the cable car to the top of Hoher Kasten (1795 m.n.a.). From the top it’s a good 8-kilometer walk to Saxer Lücke. The terrain is really challenging, so it took us about six hours to get to the finish point.

When we reached a fork in a small valley, we went up to get closer to the mountain range. But when I turned around at one point to check if we had both dogs, I saw it.

The one spot, which was great for camping.

Just above the crossroads there was a flat area. We came back down, and that’s when we knew we won this challenge. We have a place to sleep. I think a few people had laid out their tent there already, given the fact that it was the only spot around there. It was about 2×2 meters big. Here’s the exact location on the map.

And please don’t ask me if camping is allowed. Just pitch a tent in the dusk and be gone by sunrise :))) And leave the place as you found it.

An incredible rain rolled over us at night, and in the morning we woke up to a fog so thick, that we couldn’t even see the mountains around us.

We planned our return through Fälensee and Sämtisersee. I hate walking the same way back, so this made our trip a circuit. We walked all the way in fog and drizzle, so there wasn’t much to see for the rest of the walk. To warm up a bit, we stopped at a cabin for a delicious Swiss soup. We reached the car in Brülisau around 3 PM on Sunday and got home to Prague around 10 PM.

Spontaneous trips are the best anyway. This reminds me of a weekend trip to the seaside in Croatia. Or a spontaneous trip to Finland to hunt the auroras.