Instaspot Ritten Earth Pyramids in the Dolomites

created by dji camera

Hey explorers! 

This time, let’s go for more than just a nice landscape on the edge of the Dolomites. Only recently this incredible spot near Bolzano was discovered on Instagram. It’s called Ritten Earth Pyramids.

How were Riiten Earth Pyramids created?

There are 25,000-year-old “pyramids” growing from the hillside, which have a tremendously interesting origin. They are made of clay, which gradually eroded. However, as there was a big rock in some places, these rocks formed some kind of a roof over the clay and thus protected the ground from rain and wind. Only those parts having no big rocks above, eroded & disappeared. And so these pointy shapes were created.

How to get to them?

It’s relatively easy to get to the more famous pyramids. Just type Ritten into your GPS and it will lead you to the parking lot, from which leads a 1-km-long trail. From the trail you can see the pyramids from all angles. Unfortunately, one can’t get directly to the pyramids – any human intervention would be fatal to the formations. So if you have a long-lens or a drone, don’t forget to bring it with you because it’s really far away from the path.
The pyramids “Erdpyramiden im Rivellaungraben” (Piramidi di terra nella gola del Rio Rivellone, Klobenstein) are quite difficult to get to. Huge advantage of this place is the fact that they’re much closer. It is best to leave the car in the village of Oberbozen – Soprabolzano and from there take the windy paved road down. Look for cable car since the road goes right under it. When you get into a big curve, turn left onto the forest path, which will take you past a private farm to the pyramids. I’m attaching a map with the location for better orientation.

And which ones are better?

Clearly those where it’s more difficult to get and fewer people about them – Rivellaungraben!


Erdpyramiden im Rivellaungraben