In collab with HoppyGo //


Šumava is a national park in my home country – Czech Republic. It was a place I always admired in beautiful pictures. I’ve only been there once, actually just passing. We rented a van and decided to explore it properly.

Anyway, Friday night we drove up to Šumava and slept right on Seppa Wudy’s lookout, just outside of Železná Ruda. It was freezing cold at night, but thank God for the independent heater, which, thanks to an extra battery, can heat the car to a comfortable temperature and won’t kill the battery which you need to start the car. We have it in our Defender, too, and it’s the best invention ever.

We left the sleeping spot first thing in the morning to avoid curious tourists and relocated elsewhere to have breakfast in peace.

After breakfast we set out on a must-see place called Black and Devil’s Lake. The weather wasn’t quite awesome, but we didn’t mind.

After the long walk we got really cold, so all we wanted to do for the rest of the day was curl up in our sleeping bags, eat, drink and talk, which we did.

In the morning we set out to explore the river Vydra, which enchanted us not only from the drone. There is also the Rechle bridge over the river, which stands out for its unconventional shape.

Then, in the afternoon, we moved to the Tříjezerní Slať and took a walk to it. We also made the Chalupská Slať by the end of the day. As soon as it got dark, we got in the car and went for dinner in Susice to the famous restaurant U Štěpána, where we stuffed ourselves with goodies.

On the way home we were able to stop at the quarry in Rabí and then started heading towards Prague.

It was a wonderful weekend again, and we made the most of it. Šumava is definitely beautiful, although to be honest, I still prefer Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland 🙂