Weekend in Aquaworld Resort Budapest

In cooperation with Aquarorld Resort Budapest

Hey guys! 

I would have never thought that traveling was so exhausting. But after several longer trips, I was so dead that I was looking for some kind of an escape, where I could relax and didn’t have to do anything at least for two days. I was more than happy to receive an email from Aquaworld Resort Budapest inviting me to relax for two days. Coincidence?! I don’t think so. I accepted the offer right away and a few days later I packed the car, picked up my mom, who felt the same about some rest, and hit the road to Budapest. 

You may have heard about this resort, it’s the largest aquapark in Central Europe, but what was even more important to me, they have the biggest spa & wellness I’ve ever seen. So, apart from the water slides that I last did as a kid, I couldn’t miss the saunas (there are several different types of saunas), steam rooms, swimming pools, but I also enjoyed a wonderful Thai massage that brought me back to life.

Thanks to our hyperactivity, we couldn’t just stay at one place for two and a half says, we hit the city a few times as well, so I showed my mom the best places, which I visited just a month ago with Martin. 

Well, to give you a better picture about how much we enjoyed this little trip, take a look at the pics. And what about you guys? Do you know Aquaresort Budapest? Have you ever been there? 🙂