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Hey guys!

Yesterday I got back from Italy, totally exhausted and dirty, but full of experiences! But I’ll tell you more about the Dolomites in one of the next articles. Anyways, every time I get back from the wilderness, I like to wear something that makes me a lady again, maybe to make up those days looking like a Tarzan, haha:) It gets me back me to my femininity, because in the mountains I feel more like a guy than a woman. 

These photos were shot in collaboration with Pandora, whose theme in their DO campaign for August is WOMEN POWER. That’s why I’m wearing a skirt and heels. Even though it doesn’t look like it sometimes, I really am a woman and sometimes even more than you think. I climb the mountains, lift weights and wear sneakers, but I’m glad to be a girl. Someone once asked me how I’d describe myself. I didn’t know at first, and it kinda reminded me of those endless work interviews and the favorite question, “Why should we choose you?” I was never good at picking my strengths. 

However, I thought about it and came to this. I guess I’m not probably a typical girl. Lightly hyperactive and crazy. Always positive and optimistic. Extrovert but also individualist. Strong and stubborn. I have my own head and I always go for what I think is good. I always rely just on myself, and I always know how to solve a situation. I don’t know if they these things are positive, but that’s how I feel it. 

And that’s exactly what Pandora’s thought is about. It’s about a strong woman, which I think I am. So my advice is to be self-confident, and go for everything you think is good. And I always hold on to it and it helps. I don’t always do well and I’ve already messed up a lot of things. I crashed a car, lost my cell phone, broke my ankle, didn’t pass a test, but these things do have a solution. Everything can always be solved and everything will be solved somehow. The car will get repaired, you can live without a cellphone for a couple of days, the ankle heals, the exam will be passed another semester. 

And what about you guys? Do you also share the August idea of ​​Pandora? :)))



Skirt – Reserved
Top – H&M
Jewelry – Pandora
Shoes – Botovo.cz
Handbag – FEZ (via Zoot.cz)