Workout in Bomton Power Concept


Hey guys! 

What kind of trainers we would be if we didn’t try one of the newest fitness places in Prague and didn’t write our impressions and opinions. We visited BOMTON Power Concept, which is to be found right on Wenceslas Square in one of the thoroughfares. It has been fully functioning for about two weeks.

It is divided into two rooms. In the front section we spent the first 20 minutes of our training session under the owner, Radek Pajič, who really got us going when he found out we are both trainers. He instructed us through some quite intense PowerPlate exercises, which made us forget how to use our legs. After a short break we continued in the back room, which is the thing that makes this gym so unique. It is equiped with an interactive floor, which reacts accordingly to how you move. It can be programmed to instruct different exerises, which means that the floor system tells you where to step or put your hand in order to do the exercise correctly. It can measure your score which usually depends on how fast you are going,. We actually tried it on our own at the end of the session. There are also all kinds of equipment / TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells etc. which make the exercising on this amazing floor even more fun. Also, there is only a UV light, so no one can see how much you sweat. The cool thing was that we accidentally brought clothes that just topped the whole experience. 

In this hurried world, this gym offers the option to borrow workout clothing, not even to mention water and towels, so you really don’t need any excuse for why not to go! It is limited to only about 6 people, which doesn’t make it bad, because it gives you some privacy and you can make sure you get a professional assistance if you need it. I would like to mention that you may know BOMTON as a hairdresser’s (which is by the way right across the hallway), so even in the shower you are getting a great care. Radek really thought everything through and this is exactly how I would imagine really deluxe, clean gym with a nice personnel; a place where you don’t go because you have to, but because you really want to. 

I have to admit it was fun and we sweated a lot, so it fulfilled everything we expect. This definitely was not the last time for me, I was impressed and I will come back:))

So go try it on your own! You will find it at Wenceslas Square 43. You can make a reservation at and you can find more details on



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