My fitness story

Hey guysss!

Surely many of you know, that Dove supports women and their self-confidence, whether they are skinny, curved, tall, shirt, young or old. The main message is to help women and girls feel beautiful, confident, motivated and above all to have courage not to be afraid to be themselves and go for their dreams.

I also have my dreams and passions. And that is my beloved sport (if you don’t count traveling and fashion). And on this occasion I shot a few pictures that will come out in the next issue of Czech Cosmopolitan!

And what does motivation mean for me? What drives me to keep going? How do I always find the will?

I’ll start from the beginning. It all started when I studied in the US for a year, where I gained about 12 kg. Everyone was pretty fat there, so I didn’t really see how fat I was, because I fit into the crowd. But when I came back, I looked in the mirror one day and realized everything. I realized that I don’t want to look like that, so I started training. But of course, I had no idea what I was doing, so no results were visible. I paid 10 hours with a personal trainer, who taught me the basics, but it still wasn’t enough for me. I fell in love with exercising because I started to see some results after a few months.

Motivation is related to the results. Not the other way around. I think, that the results determine motivation and not that the motivation determines the results, as everyone says. Take a minute to think about this. You can be motivated as much as you can, but if you don’t see any results, your motivation will be gone just like that. But once your pants begin to be too big for you, it motivates you to work even harder, because you know that the hard work is really worth it.

Anyways, I started to enjoy it so much that I said to myself that I want to be a personal fitness trainer and help people who are at the same stage as I was – who have the motivation, but don’t know what to do. In three months I started working in a gym as a trainer. And I continued working on myself as well. I managed to lose those 12 kilos and not just that. I have also gained a perfect condition, I quit smoking, and converted another few kilos of fat to muscles. I never want to go back to those 70 kg, because I could not look at myself in the mirror. I wanted to cry every time I looked at myself and the only thing I saw in the reflection was a feckless ordinary girl without any will and power. But that wasn’t me. I’m not and will never be the one, who whines if something goes wrong. The one, who does nothing to be satisfied with herself. 

And there is one more question I’d like to answer. WHY am I doing it all? I do it for myself. Not for the blog, not for the guys, not because I want to buy XS t-shirts. Because I want to have a sporty figure. I’ll never be a skinny model. Because I do not want to. I just want to be me. If I wanted to be a model, I’d stop eating. If I wanted to run marathons, I’d start running. If I wanted to be a lawyer, I’d go to a law school.

It’s just what you want. And that’s what motivation and ambition are. My motivation is that I never want to look like I used to seven years ago. And what is your motivation, guys? :))) Do you have one?