Army green & orange? Why not!


This day was a bit sad. I decided to turn my life upside down and after almost five years I left my beloved Blue Orange. Gym, in which I spent several hours a day and changed dozens of people’s bodies. And I have to say that leaving wasn’t easy at all! But change is life, and I desperately needed one.

You probably wonder what I’m going to do now. And you know what? I have no idea! 😀 I think I should have thought it through better, but you know what a spontaneous person I am and I believe something will come eventually. Now, I want to focus on my master’s thesis, because I know that if I work full-time, I will never finish it. And then I’ll see 🙂 I recently received an email from a girl who told me that she’s graduating this year and doesn’t even know what she wants to do in the future. If you have the same problem, I’ll calm you down because I still don’t know what I want to do and I’m freaking 25! Hahaha! I want to climb mountains and take pictures. Too bad that’s not a real job, haha:)

Anyways, Martin started his business a few months ago, so he won’t have time to take pictures of me anymore, so expect fewer outfit articles and more traveling ones! His company is called Happen, and I believe that some of you, might use it eventually. If you are having a wedding, graduation ball, a company party or a birthday party, you can easily order the services you need through Happen – from photographers, moderators, make-up artists, bands, djs, decorations, or catering. The services are ordered as in an e-shop, so just put everything you need in the basket and you’ll know the final price and also the specific people who provide you with the service (including examples of their work, so you know what to expect). Absolutely brilliant, right? :))))

Well, I’m slowly planning a trip to Morocco, where I’m going in a week. And it’s not gonna be just the famous Marrakech! There will be mountains as well! <3


Pants – Tom Tailor
Sweatshirt – Zara
Coat – Bershka
Shoes – Mango
Shirt – Gant
Bag – Save My Bag