Tour de my apartment

Heyyyyy everyone!

So, asI’ve been replacing the old pieces in the apartment with new ones lately, I’ve decided to show you guys around a bit. When you say blogger, you probably think of a super stylish apartment with a high-ceiling and huge windows, where you wouldn’t find any other color than white. But that’s not my case.

I moved to my apartment when I was 18 (and certainly not because I had to – I just wanted to be independet, haha) and at that moment I had no idea what DESIGN was. And unfortunately, my apartment looks like it. It’s IKEA mixed with a couple of design pieces I’ve just bought recently. I don’t really mind, because I spend so little time in my apartment, that I don’t even have time to get mad at myself for not changing it. 

So let me start with the largest room.

Living room.

I spend most of the time here because when I’m home, I work from my couch. And because I can’t sit for more than an hour, I usually lie down with my computer on the couch using all different positions. Only recently did I get a new TV. If you saw the old one, you would understand why I got a new one. For the first time I have a Philips smart TV with ambilight and I’m completely thrilled about it. Not because I love watching series – the last time I watched TV was about five years ago – but I use the smart TV for its other function. Youtube, music (a lot of music) and also a little bit of Xbox (hihi :))

I also bought a new cover for my couch that was beige before, but after a few years I collected many shades of curry sauce, ink, nail polish and make-up. Since I have a gray sofa now, I had to buy a new conference table, which was also made of oak before. I chose a concrete pattern, about which I’ve been super crazy recently. And that’s actually how all the photos for Instagram are created haha!:)))

There is a mirror in the left corner. Seemingly completely useless, but it does have its meaning. My apartment is very dark in general, so I needed to get some light in it, which I managed to do with this giant mirror. Moreover, all the makeup ritual is taking place here as well, because my bathroom doesn’t feature a good light either. And the third reason is shooting pictures again, haha:)

The last dominant is a clothes hanger. Well, as a right blogger I have so many clothes that it doesn’t fit into my closet anymore, so I have to deal with temporary storage options. 

Also, I need to show you guys my brilliant chandelier. When I turn the light on, it casts weird but interesting shadows on my white walls:) 

My bathroom is the smallest bathroom ever. I swear to God that two people wouldn’t fit in it. On the shelf you will find all my treasures. You guys often ask me what cosmetics I use and whether I have a favorite brand. I didn’t have one a few months ago, but I have one now. I’ve always used cheap foundations from D&M, and I didn’t really care what I put on my face. But then I discovered Dior and I would never change it. Except for the foundation – I use “even better” by Clinique 🙂 

There is a huge closet in my bedroom, so it’s the second largest room after the living room. From the bedroom I have access to a balcony, but I never use it. The idea of sitting on the balcony doesn’t really turn me on, haha:) But there is nothing better than to sleep in on Sundays, have breakfast in bed and work from bed <3 By the way, some of my pictures on Instagram were created right here, haha:) 

Then I have an office (with a desktop computer, another bed and a huge library) which unfortunately doesn’t fulfill its purpose. The only thing worth mentioning is my collection of postcards. A few years ago I decided to bring a postcard from every trip. When I got enough of them, I put them all on the cork board and today I have 6 of those boards, so they basically fill up the whole wall:)

In the hallway, you’d find mainly my shoes. I’m the kind of person who never throws anything out, not speaking about shoes, so my shoe rack is still growing, so there are twenty-three shelves and every shelf contains four pairs, so you can only imagine how many shoes I have. 

And the last purchase to my apartment was the dishwasher. I hope you won’t judge me, when I tell you this is my first dishwasher in my life. I didn’t have one when I was living with my parents and I didn’t have one for those 7 years I’ve been living in this apartment. Yeah, I have always washed dished by hand, so you guys can imagine how happy I’m this brilliant machine, haha:)


So this is how my apartment has looked liked for the past 7 years. I apologize to those who thought that my apartment would be one big design. If you’re interested about anything, just let me know in the comments, I’d love to answer! 🙂