Brown is good

Hey guys!

Finally in Prague! :)))))

Today I experienced a really strange thing! I had an awesome day full of coffee & food with my friends who I haven’t seen forever. For lunch, I went to T-Anker for the first time, which took by breath away! (If you haven’t been there, I really recommend it! The view of Prague is really beautiful!) When I left, I walked through the streets and here comes the strange thing. 

For the first time in my life, I thought Prague was beautiful and that I just wanna stay here. Maybe I will sound a bit radical, but I have to confess that I never liked Prague as a city. I always wanted to run away somewhere to the States, Canada or Australia. Until today. I realized that I have everything I ever wanted and I’m happy here. I was always complaining that it was raining here too much, or it was too cold or too hot, or that there was way too many tourists or too expensive gas or bad vegetables in grocery stores, or that we don’t have any cool mountains or the sea, or that the Czechs are so terrible. 

When I was walking through those old streets, I was suddenly so happy and glad to live right here. I even found myself smiling (btw I never understood how people could just smile or even sing to themselves on the streets and I suddenly I was one of those people I could never understand, haha). 

And what about you guys? Do you like Prague? :))


Top – Adidas Originals
Skirt – Stradivarius
Shoes – Puma
Handbag – Pull&Bear
Sunglasses – RayBan
Hat – Accessories