Hello everyone!

So how’s your summer so far? I can not get enough of it! Finally, I’m back to what I love, I started working out again, I’m devoted to my blog at 100% again, I’ve read two books already and organized my closet finally. I sorted out old clothes that I’ll take to charity next week. In the gym, I don’t have much work to do, because most of my clients went on a holiday, haha ​​:))

Tomorrow I’m planning a picnic with my boyfriend in the Průhonice park, so you can look forward to some pics! 🙂 I’ll be also at the festival in Karlovy Vary next week, because of which I had to move my planned trip to Slovenia. Who is going to the festival as well?:))

At the end of the next week me and Vojta are going to do some paragliding, which I got as a gift from my mom for Christmas. We were just waiting for the right weather, so stay tuned for some pics and videos!

Also I recall the competition with Grada, which ends tonight at 20:00, so throw the last pictures of Prague on Instagram and tag it #prahaneznama and @timetofit. You can win a book called “Prague Unknown” so you can have something to read when on holiday!:)

At the end of the week I will announce another competition for a gift card to an e-shop with clothes and shoes, so be sure to follow the blog, so you wouldn’t miss a chance to get for instance new sneakers for the summer! :)))

And how do you like the outfit by the way? :)))))))))



Photos by Martin Klesnil


Skirt – Reserved
Shoes – Adidas Originals
Top – H&M
Hat – H&M
Watch – Komono
Handbag – Chanel