Color of love

Hey everyone! 

I recently went around a Zara store and noticed a red & burgundy combo on the mannequins. Since it’s an unusual color combination, it caught my attention, so in the evening I looked for all the red and burgundy pieces in my closet, that could be combined together. Well, I got a new, bright red sweater from Na-KD, with which I totally fell in love and a new handbag from my favorite brand Paul’s Boutique <3

Anyways, I’m flying to the US on Monday, so there’s so much stuff going on before I leave. There is actually a lot going on lately in general. I took a new job (but I’ll tell you more about it next time), me & Martin are thinking of a new show for, I’m rebuilding my apartment, I bought a new fridge and after 7 years I also got a dishwasher (yes, I really didn’t have a dishwasher before, I always washed dishes by hand) and I also have a new roommate! 🙂 She moved in last week for about 3 months and after that, she’s going to Sydney to study English in January and already let go her apartment. 

I finally got rid of the antibiotics, I killed the last bacterias in the Alps this weekend, and I’m writing an article about this trip yet. I did some skitouring, which convinced me that I wanted to focus on that more now:) Is there any skitourer between my followers? 🙂 



Coat – Zara
Shoes – Zara
Handbag – Paul’s Boutique
Sweater – NA-KD
Dress – Forever 21
Cap – Reserved
Scarf – made by my grandma :)))