Hey guys!

So I’m still suffering home with antibiotics and I’m really sick (literally, haha:D) & tired of it already. I’m going to the Alps on the weekend and I can’t wait. I haven’t moved in the last week at all and I was really resting, so let’s hope I’ll be feeling better on Saturday.

At the same time, I can finally tell you what I’m plan in two weeks! Since I’m the ambassador of Puma for the Czech Republic, I’m going to one big fitness event in Los Angeles! I’m so excited for that!!! :))) I’ll write more about it as soon as I know all the details, so stay tuned! After this event in the States, I’m staying for a few more days and going on a short roadtrip on my own:) I haven’t planned the exact route, but I’ll stop in my favorite San Diego for sure!:) I have to admit, that I’m really excited about going somewhere warm, haha:)



Coat – Zara
Pants – H&M
Shoes – Zara
Hat – H&M
Top – Lindex
Bag – Parfois
Watch – Nicole Vienna