On a daily basis

Hey everyone!

So this is actually my first article about cosmetics, because I get a lot of questions from you guys about which products I use and how I do my make-up.

First of all, I would like to say that I don’t understand the cosmetics AT ALL and I don’t even want to, because there is so much of it, that I’d go crazy about it if I tried. Until recently, I used cheap cosmetics, which is commonly available in drugstores, but somehow I’m getting older, and my skin can’t stand everything now, so I decided to visit someone who understands it more than I do and gives me products that fit me perfectly. I went to the Clinique store and left within a half an hour with a bag full of products and head full of knowledge.

I got a Pep-Start cream that should moisturize the skin and prepare it for foundation. I’m so happy with it! It truly unifies the skin, which is incredibly smooth after using it.

Because I’m extremely effective in the morning, and it takes me about 20 minutes from getting from bed to leaving the apartment, I usually cook my breakfast after that, and before it gets cold, I can apply the foundation. The lady in the store taught me that it’s better to apply it with my fingers instead of using those sponges (I don’t even know how they’re called hahaha! You see, that’s what I’m talking about). I use Even Better foundation and the difference from the cheap ones is really big! It’s not so heavy, so I don’t look like being waxed, hahaha:) And at the same time, I hate glossy foundations, and this one actually mattes the skin perfectly. 

Then I usually eat my breakfast, which I actually take to the bathroom and put it on the shelf under the mirror, so that I can still be effective. I like the eyebrows to be distinctive and for that I use a product called Pretty Easy Brow Palette. Here I have one advice for you too. I used an eyebrow pencil before, but I started to lose my brows, and I don’t have to deal with this anymore, because this Clinique brow-color is much more gentle thanks to the powder texture. It consists of three parts – dark eyebrow shades, pale shadows, used under the eyebrows to stand out more and a fixator that fixes color.

Then I just use powder and pull out the cheekbones with a bronzer, but unfortunately I can’t ell you the brand, because the sticker is gone and I don’t remember it, haha:)

By that time, I’m usually done with my breakfast, haha:)

Well, in the end, my black liquid lines come, but I only do that if I have time or only when I want to. I would have gone out without them a couple of months ago, but today I’m really lazy and I often leave them out completely.

And when there’s just a little while left, I pull out my liquid lipstick and do my lips. I only have two lipsticks (okay, I have more, but I use just two) – dark burgundy or fresh red. I was always pretty skeptical about liquid lipsticks, because I thought they were all shiny, but these are dry in two minutes and are matt as regular ones. In addition, they can be pretty precise with them.

And that’s all! 🙂 I’m usually done with my make-up in seven or ten minutes and I’m out of the apartment! 🙂

And what about you guys? How does your morning look like? Do you need a lot of time, or are you pretty effective just like me?