Hey guys! 

So, because I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, I’m trying to fix that now. I found a couple of old outfit photos which we took earlier this summer, but it’s still pretty warm outside, so they’re still usable. Oh how I look forward to the winter tho! <3

Anyways, I recently got an email from a reader, asking me whether I organize some kind of a fashion workshop / lecture, which I have to say made me so happy that someone would be even interested in such  thing. I actually can’t stop thinking about it, and since my fashion show is over for now, and I have no one to tell my fashion thoughts (:D), I decided to organize such a workshop. 

I’m already working on all that is needed and I wonder if any of you guys showed up to this event and if so, what would you be most interested in? :)) What topics should I cover? 

Have a wonderful weekend,



Dress – Zoot.cz
Handbag – Ocean and Sun
Shoes – River Island
Watch – Daniel Wellington