Hair Diagnosis at Kérastase

In cooperation with Kérastase

Hey girls! <3 (sorry guys, this article is more dedicated to girls)

This week I visited a Kérastase salon and I have to share my experience with you because it was incredibly beneficial and I believe it might be super-useful for some of you too! 🙂

99 % of the time my hair sucks and it looks terrible. I already knew that but I had no idea about what I found out in Kérastase salon. In their salons there is a thing called hair diagnosis and it’s a little machine that tells you everything about your hair and how you should take care of it. It’s a kind of a camera that measures your hair’s diameter, erosion, density, dryness, or how sensitive your skin is. I found out that I have plenty of hair, but they’re terribly thin. I also found out that the roots are super-healthy and strong, but the ends are dry and destroyed.

Depending on your hair problem, a cocktail of substances that your hair needs the most is mixed. This cocktail is called FusioDose. They wash your hair with this cocktail and then they recommend you a home care that you should use to achieve a long-lasting effect.

I was given three products from the Densifique line to get some volume and a couple of products for regeneration. Now the important stuff – where could this diagnosis be done and how much does it cost?

Hair diagnosis is available in any Kérastase salon, but only in selected salons they have this camera. Hair diagnostics can be also done manually, but of course this device is more accurate. The best option is to look at the Kérastase salon list, check out the closest one to you, and just call there and ask if they have this camera.
And the best thing about this is that this diagnosis service is completely free, the only thing that costs something is the FusioDose care, but the cost differs depending on the salon prices.

And what about you guys? What kind of hair do you have? What annoys you the most? For me, it’s definitely the fact that it’s destroyed and straight as hell, so even when I make it wavy, it’s straight in 10 minutes again. Well, not everyone was born as Negin Mirsalehi hahaha:) 

By the way, the first photo is “before” and all the other pictures are “after” – quite a difference, huh? :)))