Exploring the Czech Republic – Terčino Údolí

Hello everyone!

This is the last report from Southern Bohemia. Terčino Údolí is a beautiful small valley with tons of things to see. Me & my mom spent just an afternoon here, however we walked over 10 kilometers and even managed to have a great picnic. Terezino Údolí is not a tourist attraction no.1, indeed, but the nature is absolutely perfect. You can find a waterfall, various bridges, several-hundred-years-old trees, forests, castles or even an old spa.

This valley doesn’t offer only its nature but also the history is really interesting. The park was founded in the romantic style by Terezie Buquoy in the 18th century so that’s where it got it’s name. There’s still a couple of romantic buildings, such as the old spa or the Blue House, where the countess spent her summer. For the guests a Swiss cottage was established – that house is worth checking out too. Don’t forget to see the fortress Cuknštejn, which you can find at the very end of the valley.

There are also some exotic trees in the park – a few cypresses grow right next to the Blue House. The waterfall you see in the photo is actually artificial. The water does come from the river, but it’s conducted by a trough to create a waterfall in the middle of the forest. Another attraction is the summer oak, which is 500 years old and the trunk circumference measures over 7 meters!

Anyways, I definitely recommend to pack a blanket and a lot of good food, because Terčino Údolí in one of the best places to have a picnic.