Exploring the Czech Republic – the second most beautiful city called Český Krumlov

Hey guys!

Another Southern-Bohemian article can’t be about anything else other than Český Krumlov!

Český Krumlov is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic and that is why it’s also a destination all tourists head for after visiting Prague. And I’m not surprised at all. It’s a really nice city, maybe even nicer than Prague in some aspects. By the way, the city is registered in UNESCO.

My mom and I went for just an afternoon, but it wasn’t our first time here. If you’re going for the first time, you definitely need the whole day and comfortable shoes.

What to see in Český Krumlov?

Be sure to check out the castle, gardens and courtyard. Since it’s the highest point of the city, there is an unsurpassed view of hundreds of red roofs and the winding river Vltava. They keep bears in the castle and if it’s not raining (like when we were there), you will see them chilling in the castle moat in front of the entrance.

On Svornosti Square you can admire the decorative fronts of houses or column with a fountain.

But what is most beautiful are the small streets. Forgetting the city map and just wandering around seems like the best idea. The arcitecture is really magical. Most beautiful spot for watching the sunset is at Seminární Zahrada, right next to the muzeum. 

The only thing I was a little disappointed was the fact that most restaurants are tourist-based, so good local food for reasonable money is damn hard to find. Therefore, I don’t even have a tip where to eat, because unfortunately we didn’t find anything reccommendable on the way.