First time to Alpe di Siusi

Hello travellers! 

Before I start writing about Alpe di Siusi or so-called Seiser Alm, I would like to tell you about one absolutely phenomenal place that you can find along the way to Alpe di Siusi. It’s a small church standing on a field on the right side about 10 km before your final destination. We discovered it with Kuba by coincidence. Since we are both enthusiastic photographers, we saw this little church thanks to our photo-compositional skills and immediately headed towards it to explore it more closely. When you get closer to the church, it stands exactly between the two peaks, making it a perfect, kitschy composition.

It was my first time to Alpe di Siusi, and it was an unforgettable experience. The road that takes you to this incredible landscape is a dead end unfortunately. It ends with a no entry sign. From there you have to walk and to the beautiful views. It’s quite a walk, so be sure to reserve around 2-3 hours. 

However, we broke the laws a little bit. Since it was April, all hotels and cabins were closed and there was nobody around, we decided to go by car, even though I’m ashamed of it now. We had just a little bit of time, but of course that’s not an excuse. 

We left the car in the middle of the road and set out on foot on cute grass hills. They are totally tempting to run around like crazy or at least have a picnic.

By the way, it’s a great place to wild-camp too. It’s also not entirely allowed, because we’re still in the national park, but if you go somewhere far away from people and leave a place as you found it (!), it can be nice. The whole area is covered with grass and there are plenty of flat spots with a wonderful view of the entire Seiser Alm.