Green combo


Oh my God I fell in love! With this green set!! I haven’t been so excited for a really long time! :)))) Too bad Martin made me take off the great cap, it was so much better with it. I don’t really understand what they all have against that cap, it’s great! Hahaha:) 

In connection with this outfit, I remembered how I bought my first culottes. It was about a year and a half ago and they were just starting to be cool. I thought it was gonna be a fad, and no one would know about them in half a year. I remember that I didn’t want to invest in them at that time, so I bought them in sale in F&F for about 150 CZK, and they were two sizes bigger, so I thought I was gonna resew them at home. 

Now on Tuesday, when we were shooting MM in downtown, they were more visible than the classic narrow jeans, so obviously they’re still in, plus another proof is that the stores are full of them as well. I was told that guys hate to see these wide pants on women, which I quite understand, but on the other hand they are incredibly comfortable 🙂 I own about ten pairs of them, haha:) 

Anyways, if you’re reading this article, I’m probably walking around Norwegian Lofoten and running from one rock to another and taking photos of everything. I hope you are having as awesome time as I am :))))



Co-Ord – Zara
Shoes – Asos