Hey guyssss!

By any chance, does anyone have a guaranteed recipe for how not shopping all the time?! I’m probably a seriously ill person, because I can’t just walk past Zara and not buy anything. This time I was nearby, so I sneaked in, and within five minutes I was already in the fitting rooms, arguing with the lady why I can’t take 8 pieces with me. She finally agreed, despite the huge sign “MAX 6 PIECES”. I really don’t understand why I can take maxi six pieces to the fitting room. When I take 7, does that automatically mean that I steal the 7th piece or what?! 

Anyways, I bought this denim jacket as a reward for passing my state exam, and when I was heading to downtown in that jacket later that day, to have a little party that never killed nobody, I thought about in what style I actually feel the best. Whether it’s heels & a nice coat, or my homeless style. I’m a woman with more styles. Actually three.

As said before, homeless style is the first one. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to look like a lady, so I wear something ripped, big black sunglasses and mainly a beanie. I wear this style epecially when I don’t want anyone to look at me, hahaha:) Do you guys know that feeling?

The second style is represented by a coat, jeans, a simple t-shirt and sneakers and I probably feel the most comfortable in it. It’s kinda a mix of sporty and elegant style. You probably already know how much I love sneakers, so it’s no surprise.

And the third one is the lady style, so mainly a dress, over-knee boots, a hat and a nice long coat. I wear this style when I feel good about myself. Mostly after workout hahaha:)

So the clothes really reflect your mood! I’m the proof! :))))

And what about you guys? What style do you prefer? 🙂 In what kind of clothes do you feel the most comfortable?



Jacket – Zara
Pants – Zara
Top – H&M
Shoes – Adidas Originals
Hanbag – Pull&Bear
Beanie – Primark