When everyone wears black, wear white

Hey guyssss!

Lately, I’ve been wearing white and nude a lot. When you look around on the street, everyone wears black and blue and gray, but hardly anyone wears bright colors! But I like to be different 🙂 I couldn’t forget my long white shirt either haha. Actually I’m writing a post about 4 ways how to wear a white shirt!:) 

I also bought new sneakers because there is never enough of white sneakers, right?! After my past experience with sneakers from Reserved, these Woden shoes are completely different! The inside outsole is made of cork, so you can imagine how soft and comfortable they are! 🙂 You can get them for example at The Wardrobe.

I also have a new bag, which I got at an English brand called Paul’s Boutique, and there are a few pieces on Zoot as well. The best part is how huge it is! Exactly my kind of thing on busy days, when I have to carry my laptop and ten boxes of food, hahah:) I’m still thinking about getting a yellow version as well. Anyway, when I discovered Paul’s Boutique I wasn’t able to choose just one handbag. It’s exactly my style, so you’re definitely not seeing me with their bag for the last time 🙂

Actually, I really don’t understand how come that most girls wear just a little crossbody bag! Just my wallet is the size as one of those bags! Besides that, I carry my laptop every day with because every time I have a few spare minutes, I sit down, no matter where I am and do a bit of work. I can’t imagine not having it with me every day! And not to mention the amount of food I have to bring everywhere haha. And what about water? These girls don’t drink ??? Is there any such lady? Please, please explain to me how you’re dealing with this?! 🙂 

Anyways, I was running today and brought a tick!! I never had a tick in my life, so of course I was terribly frightened, and as I tried to hysterically take it out, I tore it in half, and its mandibles were left in my leg. Yewwww! They saved my life in the gym, where they used olive oil to take them out. It took like 3 seconds hahaha:)

Anyways, I have one big thought I need to solve:) I’m starting to be really into videos, so I decided to start making more videos! Not just those travel ones. I don’t quite like the word vlog because the ones I’ve seen we really bad. So, the big question is, what will I shoot?

I came up with three options. The first option is travel videos, but not the style I’ve been making so far. I thought I could talk about how I travel, where I’m going, and why, where I bought the tickets, what I take with me, etc. So I would actually talk in the video. 

The second option is workout videos, but those will be pretty hard for me to shoot, because I need someone to come with me, so there would not be so many of them. I could shoot my workouts and maybe some new exercises that I would create. I could include some kind of nutrition tips and some secret tricks :))

And the third option is the vlogs. That means I’d shoot every day that is somehow interesting. I mean, I could talk about my day.

So, what do you guys think? If you have some interesting ideas, let’s hear them! :))) I’d be really stoked for any tips 🙂



Pants – H&M
Shirt – New Yorker
Sweater – Zoot
Shoes – Woden
Handbag – Paul’s Boutique