How do I manage all my activities?

Hey guys!

Lately, I’ve been more of a lady in heels than a girl in sneakers, as I’m looking at the last few posts. I guess it’s because of the cold, I’d froze to death in sneakers, haha 🙂 And also it might be connected with my 24th birthday, now I feel more like an adult than a kid, haha:) I feel that I am already sooo old, even though I’m only 24. To be honest, it makes me a bit nervous. I’m not a student who doesn’t take anything seriously and has plenty of time for everything anymore. It’s serious now haha. I must have a representative job and make some savings for my retirement! Hahaha. I mean, the good thing is, that I can still call myself a student and I’ll be a student for a couple of more months.

Alright, I’m done complaining, I’m feeling a bit better now, hahaha :)))

Anyways, I’m slowly packing for a trip to Little Fatra (Slovakia), where I set out on Saturday with my friend! I’m soooo looking forward to this trip! :)))) Even though there is about -17°C at night, we’re gonna try to sleep in a tent, so if there isn’t a report about this trip on the blog by Monday afternoon, I probably froze up there, hahaha:) No, I haven’t gone crazy, haha 🙂 But you know what? Being normal is boring! That’s today’s quote! (And I don’t know how about you guys, but I hate being bored.) When you sit on the couch at home, indeed, there is no danger of freezing to death, but there is no chance you will experience something unforgettable either! YOLO!

From now on I will probably make these kinds of trips pretty often, so if anyone wants to go with me, let me know and we’ll set it up! 

Talking about traveling, I get a lot of messages from you guys, about how I manage it all together. School, work, working out, blog and the travels. According to me, it’s all about priorities. For me the priority is to live as if I was to die tomorrow. I’m very fortunate to have a job that really makes me happy and allows me to travel. I don’t have to take days off and can actually leave the next day. On the other hand I don’t get paid when I’m not working. When you take a holiday in a normal job, you still get paid. But you know, there are still the weekends! Europe has obviously so many interesting places that can explored on one weekend!

As far as the school thing, it’s a bit more complicated here. Since I don’t go there too much, I have to study for the exams three times more than others. On my university, you have just one shot for each exam (everywhere else you have three attempts), so I’ve been fired from an exam three times already and had to repeat the whole subject again the next semester. 

Money is apparently another matter. I think I can say, that I can travel quite low-cost. A weekend in the Tatras doesn’t cost me more than a weekend in Prague, during which I go for a lunch with my friend and buy a pair of shoes. (Actually, I would say that when I’m out of Prague, I save a lot of money hahaha:) When I fly somewhere, I buy cheap/on-sale tickets only. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a ticket at full price. I always decide on where I’m going according to the ticket, I never plan the destination first 🙂

And about exercising.. Well, I work out 6 times a week, resting only when traveling. Even though I’m obsessed with healthy food, when I travel, I don’t have a problem eating bread with Nutella all day long. I take it as a break from healthy food and I know, that I will always get back to it, when I come back to Prague. And how do I manage to work out 6 times a week when in Prague? Again, it’s all about the the priorities, so when I know I’m busy the whole day, I just get up at 4.30am and go to the gym or I even do my workout at midnight. Because why not.

Well, apologies for such a long article, I got really excited about this hahaha:) Hopefully someone would read it all!)



Coat – Zoot
Skirt – H&M
Shirt – Mango
Handbag – H&M
Sweater – Zara
Shoes – Zara