Hey guys! 

Here’s the report from my Saturday mini-trip to Jizerske Mountains (in Czech), where I went with a friend of mine in order to kill my legs on cross-country skis. 

I haven’t done cross-country skiing in about 12 years and even though I remember, how much I hated it as a kid, I was really excited to go because it’s finally something different than gym all over again. 

Before we put on the skis, we checked out the “Protrzena Prehrada” (another place in Czech), which I really wanted to see. It was about 10 km by foot so we did that, and then we got on the road and drove for another half an hour to get to “Nova Louka”, which was the start of our 25-km-long trail. Luckily I didn’t forget how to do it, so after a while I was passing the old guys, haha 🙂 

The weahter was changing really quickly, so the morning blue sky was followed by a huuuge fog. It was pretty warm, so the snow was melting , but at least I wasn’t freezing as always, haha:) We got to my car when it was already dark and headed back to Prague. 

It was so much fun, that I’m actually thinking about getting a good pair of cross-country skis and starting to go to the mountains on a regular basis. I’m not really excited about any other winter sports, because most of the times, I’m freezing and that’s not fun at all. Snowboard or downhill skis are not my thing anymore, I always get injured on ice-skates and the only thing that I love to do in the mountains, is hiking, but that’s very dependent on weather plus requires a few hours of driving. So cross-country skiing sounds like a good option for me! I still have to learn the right technique. 

Next weekend I’m going to Mala Fatra in Slovakia, where I’m planning on hiking two mountains, so let’s see of the weather allows me to!:)