Hey guysssssss! 

Guess what!!!! I have successfully passed my master’s exams!!!!! And I gotta tell you, this was the hardest thing I’ve gone through so far. That’s why I’m sooooo happy! I’ve actually never been happier! I studied for three weeks, 15 hours a day. I couldn’t sleep at night, the only thing I ate was chocolate, the only thing I drank was coffee. I ate about 30 bars of chocolate in the last week of studying and I don’t even wanna think about the amount of coffee. My back was hurting so bad because the only activity I did was sitting and writing and reading.

But it’s all different now! On Monday April 24th, at 11.25am, I got out of that room, worn out and shaking. But happy as hell. The feeling is inexpressible. I knew I won this endless war. There are still two more exams and of course the master’s thesis, but that’s just a formality. I’m gonna be an engineer! Yaaaaaay! 

Anyways, last two weeks my life was so boring that I didn’t even want to write about it. But what I wanna write about are my plans for the next two weeks! I’m leaving to the High Tatras tomorrow, where I’m planning on hiking. I’m climbing up to “Teryho Chata”, where I’ll stay overnight and I’ll get down on Monday. This time, I’m taking it easy, because I haven’t really slept since Monday. 

Well, and summer? There is a lot of things, but I don’t want to talk about it yet, because it’s not for sure. But what’s for sure, is my expedition to Mt Blanc! I wanted to climb it last year, but I couln’t make it, so we postponed it to July this year. I’m probably gonna be the first Czech Blogger to climb the highest mountain of Europe, hhahaha:)! 

Anyways, yesterday was the first day I exercised after those two long months of having crutches. (I’m sorry to jump from one topic to another, but there is so many things I need to cover in this article, haha:)) Well, I can’t say, that I gave it 100% because my ankle still hurts. I still can’t stand on my tiptoes and in the morning I can’t feel my toe and I have pins and needles in my toe tips. But even though all my muscles are gone, I made it through the first workout! I’m so sore today, haha:) I gotta say, that break was needed. The last few weeks I exercises just because I had to, not because I wanted to. And now???? I can’t wait to be in the gym again! I’ll do anything to get back as quickly as I can! 

Actually, I was thinking that I could do a little challenge. Right now, I weigh 12 more kgs than in November. I took a picture in my bikini yesterday and I’ll take another picture in let’s say mid June and then I’ll compare those two pics. I already threw away all the chocolate, quit drinking coffee and found my workout headphones. Challenge accepted! 

Anyways, as far as my outfit goes, I bought this cardigan about 2 weeks before the exams when I was procrastinating and going through e-shops (since I couldn’t stroll around the stores, haha). I don’t really like red color, but how could I resist this cardigan!? There are links below the article:) 

Oh well, I’m off relaxing, cleaning up my apartment, washing dishes, cooking, doing laundry and !!! packing for Tatras !!! :))) 

Have a wonderful weekend guys! 


Sweater – SheInside
Shoes – Mango
Pants – Zara
Handbag – Céline
Shirt – Gant
Hat – H&M