My first boxing lesson

Hey guys! 

I’ve done my first workout after two months of doing nothing and I gotta tell you, it wasn’t easy at all! It’s always so unfair, that it takes forever to get into a good physical condition, and when you stop working out for a while, it’s gone so fast!

I went to my favorite gym called Sokolovna Průhonice, where the trainer gave me a boxing lesson, because I don’t really know how to box. Hahaha 🙂 Before we started training, I asked her to analyze my body fat & muscles using the InBody machine, because I don’t trust the one we have in the gym, where I train haha :)) They have the brand new InBody 770 and since I’m starting again, after my injury, I needed to know how am I doing now, so I can compare the results later. 

So dear readers, I have 11.5 kgs of fat. And I do not want that!!! Yewwww! 🙁 

In the last article, I wrote about the challenge I’m going to do, so I’m taking this as a start. I promised myself to get to 8 kgs of fat by the middle of June. So let’s see! :))

Now, let’s get to boxing. I decided to start my workout season somehow epically, unconventionally. And I always wanted to try boxing, so why not right now. And I have to say, it was absolutely great! I mean, at the beginning, my boxing looked pretty comical, but after a while I got into it a bit. I haven’t enjoyed my workout this much for a really long time and boxing got me so bad, that I’m already planning on another lesson!

After the workout, I quickly jumped into sauna for 15 minutes because I was afraid of having sore muscles since I haven’t done anything in a long time. Sauna actually really helps with that:)

Then, I took my mom for breakfast at the restaurant, which she loves too. If you ever come here, I definitely recommend their “roastbeef eggs”. I wanted to order three plates, but I’d feel stupid hahaha 🙂

And what about you guys? Do you know Sokolovna? Have you been there? Do you also have a favorite place to relax, eat or train? And have you ever tried boxing or something like that? 🙂

Have a great rest of Tuesday!