KVIFF – day 2

Hey everyone! 🙂

Here’s one more report from the international film festival in Karlovy Vary!

Luckily, my program was gonna start at 1pm, so we could get a little bit of sleep. Well… We got four hours of sleep, but better than nothing, haha 🙂 To start the day, we went to Nespresso for breakfast while waiting for the first movie, which was starting at 2pm! That was the only movie we saw on the festival haha! It was called A Ciambra and it was great! Has anyone seen it? 🙂

In the afternoon, we had a program at the Nespresso VIP Lounge, where coffee barists showed us lots of great coffee drinks. Coffee mojito is quite well known, but did you know that the combination of tonic, grape syrup, espresso and ice tastes delicious? I would have never thought of this combo, and I would even say that it would be disgusting, but the reality was completely different. I fell in love with this drink!

I have to say that since I have been drinking espresso or lungo instead of cappuccino, I enjoy coffee so much more! And I think Nespresso coffee is awesome. It’s actually the only brand that can really wake me up in the morning! 🙂

Yeah and as far as my outfit goes, so I’m wearing a dress from Boohoo.com (link HERE!) and sandals from Asos (link HERE!). How do you like it?:)



Dress – Boohoo
Shoes – Asos
Watch – Nicole Vienna
Bag – Pull & Bear