KVIFF – day 3

Hey everyoneeeee!

So me and Martin returned to Vary for the second time on Saturday, this time straight to the red carpet and the closing party at Grandhotel Pupp. During the day we shot another part of MM and in the evening we headed to the party. However!

On Friday evening, Martin told me that there is a black tie dresscode for the party in Pupp, which means a tuxedo for men, and a long evening gown for the ladies. He thought that I was a girl who has ten gowns at home, but boy he was wrong. I only have one, but the last I wore it was in my dancing class, so first of all it’s terrible, and second of all, it doesn’t fit me anymore. So on Saturday morning, I ran to downtown and looked for a long dress,  which would look like an evening gown and wouldn’t cost a fortune. I have to say that I had about 45 minutes to find one. I was lucky because I found one in Mango. It met the dress code requirements, but it was really basic & boring. I bought it and drove to pick Martin up.

The way from Prague to Vary was fast, so I managed to stop by Douglas, where they fixed my hair, so I looked a bit better, haha:)

After shooting, we edited & cut the video again and sent it to Stream for approval, and at 11pm, we were riding a fancy limo to Pupp. We didn’t have any accommodation for that night, because we thought, that we would decide on the party – it if was bad, we would have called a night and driven back to Prague, or we would have booked a hotel and partied till late if it was good. 

At the end, we decided to drive home at about 1.30 am, so I got to bed at about 4 am, exhausted to death. And how was the party? Well … I can’t say it was bad. Everything was beautifully decorated, there was plenty of food, drinks, and interesting people, and we felt like in the Gatsby movie, but this is nothing for me. You know that I prefer the mountains … Hahaha 🙂 I mean, it’s fun to see this party once in a lifetime, but it’s not like I wouldn’t want to miss it every year.

So that’s all from this year’s KVIFF and next time from Split finally! :))))