Hey guys!

We got back from Uluru and there were LAST three days in Melbourne ahead of us. I can’t believe that it went by SO FAST!

A have this deviation, that wherever I go and I like the place, I dream about moving there, so I always say: “I wish I could live here!” And when I said this about the third city in Australia, I thought about which of these three cities I like the most. Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne? And this time, I really couldn’t decide, because they are all sooo beautiful, cool, stunning, sunny and relaxed. I just can’t choose haha:)

We got to Melbourne at noon, so first of all, we found our accommodation, which we had arranged through Airbnb, which I can only recommend, because I’ve always had the best experience. After taking a shower and washing off the rest of the flies from Uluru, we got going to the city centre. The sky way clear, so we decided for the Skydeck, which is situated in the tallest building in Melbourne. From up there, the view was absolutely gorgeous and until then I hadn’t realized, how huge the city is. The sunset was looking promising, so we stayed here almost until the dusk. When we were going back to the apartment, we stopped by one of the bars along the river and bought a glass of delicious white wine.

The second day, we headed to the city center again and this time we explored the city by foot. We bought some souvenirs (even though I brought the most valuable souvenir all the way from New Zealand. I found there a coconut Cadburry chocolate, which I’d never seen before and they didn’t sell it in Australia either. I’d been carrying it in my suitcase for three weeks, I had it with me in Ayer’s Rock as well, and by miracle I managed not to eat it. It had to survive temperatures from 50°C to -10°C, so we’ll see in what condition I’ll arrive to Prague, haha:D). Anyways, for lunch, we went to Queen Victoria Market, where we bought tons of food and made a picnic in one of the parks. Yes, we really mixed calamaris with fries, two kilos of fresh fruit, turkish bread, coffee and these unique donuts. That happens when you go food shopping when you’re hungry haha. After lunch, we took a ride in the historical tram, we also checked out the biggest attractions, such as Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, Princess Theatre, Docklands, Bourke Street, and also the Chinatown.
And because it was my mom’s birthday, we found the best restaurant in Melbourne. Although we had to wait two hours for a table, we didn’t mind at all, because we sat down in their bar and chatted for the whole time, while drinking a great wine. The whole two months, we were talking about a beefsteak, so we didn’t think a minute when looking into the menu:)))

The third day, we went to the beach just to relax, because let’s admit that, traveling two months in a row is pretty tough. There is more beaches in Melbourne, but we chose St Kilda Beach, where we spent the whole day. In the afternoon probably all the kite-board fans gathered onto this beach, so we watched them for a while. 
And the fourth day we unfortunately had to go to the airport and start to head back home. The flight had only two transfers (unlike the flight from Prague to NZ, when we had 5 transfers!). In Beijing, we had about 8 hours, so we decided to explore the rest of the stuff, but more about that next time:)))