Hey guys! 

I haven’t seen the whole world yet, but I have seen a few cool places around the Earth, so I decided to write a post about five places I think are the most beautiful. 

Of course it is a matter of opinion and who knows me well also knows that it drags me into nature, so there are no cities in this list. Before telling you those places, I have to admit, that I had a really hard time picking these 5 places, but not because I didn’t know any cool places, but because I wasn’t able to select just five of those hundreds of wonderful places.

Alright, let’s see them! 

1. Norwegian Lofoten

Norway is, in general, a country no. 1 country for me. It’s the only country I’ve ever come back to 4 times, and I usually don’t return to the same places – I’d rather find something new. Last year I had the opportunity to go above the arctic circle and visit Lofoten Islands, which gave me something I never felt before. Nowhere have I seen more beautiful nature, cleaner rivers and lakes, more cute little houses, better atmosphere and nicer people. In case you want to know more, check out my article from LOFOTEN !!

2. Icelandic wilderness

And when I say the wilderness, I really mean wilderness that can only be seen in a fourteen-day and longer trip. Jökulsarlón, Stokksnes, Eldhraun, and above all Landmannalaugar is something you can’t imagine if you haven’t been there. You have to see these places with your own eyes. To get an idea, check out my article and photos from east Icelandsouthern Icelandwestern Iceland and northern Iceland!

3. Banff National Park

Turquoise glacial lakes (of which the most beautiful is Moraine Lake), bears, glaciers, wild rivers and endless greenery. To be honest, my experience with western Canada is enhanced by the fact that we had been hitchhiking the whole way. We went to two national parks, which were called Jasper NP and Banff, but because I have to choose only one place, Banff won. An article and photos from Canada will prove it!

4. Red National Parks in Utah

From Arches NP through Bryce Canyon to Antelope Canyon. It’s quite different from the rest of the places. It’s just a huge pity that these places are usually crowded, so that kinda spoils these beautiful red landscapes, but still it’s a place I want to go back to eventually. Check out my article and photos from Utah! (Unfortunately, I don’t have most of the pictures of Utah here on the blog, because I didn’t have a blog at that time yet, haha :)))

5. Zermatt

Summer trekking around Matterhorn in Switzerland made me so fascinated that it deserves to be mentioned as well. Although visiting Switzerland is generally not a very cheap thing, it can be managed in two or three days. Check out how I explored the Swiss Zermatt