Hey everyoneeeee! 

So, I’m sure all of you guys are all following my Instastories (hahahaa:)), so you have surely noticed that I spent a few days in Split, Croatia. You’re probably asking what I did there and how I got there? I’ll tell you this in one of the next articles. This is just a kind of a sneak peek! 🙂 But what I’m going to tell you is that we had a wonderful time with Natalie and it was one of the best trips ever! (I know, I say that about every trip, but this really was!!!).

From a four-day trip I have about 4689543 photos, so I’ll divide the story into three articles so you can process it all hahaha, because the kind of activities we managed to do in 4 days would a normal person do in two weeks. I even finally decided to make my first vlog! I didn’t want to start at all at the beginning, but shooting the vlog wasn’t actually so bad. I just had to get used to how people stared at me 100% of the times and were thinking what the hell I was doing, hahaha!:)

So within a week the video should be done, so I hope you’ll like it and you’ll want me to do it more often 🙂

Anyways, because we organized everything kinda at the last minute, there were no direct flights from Prague to Split. We had to take three flights: Prague -> Vienna, Vienna -> Zagreb, Zagreb -> Split.

At the end, I don’t regret it because we had so much fun on the way there! 🙂 

So stay tuned for our experiences from Split! <3