One day by the sea in Split


Heyyyyy everyone!

So I’m back from Berlin where I spent 3 days on the Melt Festival, so I’m a bit exhausted but ready to write the last article from Croatia! 🙂

We spent the third day in Split with Natalie by chilling at the hotel pool, beach and on a massage. Before breakfast, we went to the pool to take some pictures and that had two reasons. Our bellies were not so big yet, plus there was no one at the pool this early in the morning. 

Then we set off for a huge breakfast and then for the beach. As far as breakfast goes, I have to say that in this hotel I’ve had the biggest and best breakfast in my entire life. They had everything you could think of! Waffles, pancakes, eggs, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, hams, yoghurts, muesli, French toasts, bacon, cakes and even its own bakery with a variety of pastries. 

Whenever I travel, all my diets go away and I never eat healthy, and these breakfasts are the proof of that. I usually have a salty breakfast first, which consists of scrambled eggs with bacon and a crispy baguette with butter and then comes the sweet part, so here I had waffles with nutella, croissants and pancakes with maple syrup and fruit <3 Yeah, I ate everything! hahaha:)

Anyways, I originally thought I could stay on the beach for an hour and then it would get boring, but we were so tired that we stayed there all day and I even fell asleep for an hour (!).

Those who know me well, know as well, that I’m not a beach kind of a person at all, but this has totally got me. Well, lying on a beach had two meanings. The first is that you take a towel and lie down and do nothing. I wouldn’t probably enjoy that. But there is a second type of lying down at the beach, which was so much fun. We stayed in so-called cabanas, which are basically big lounges with pillows, a roof and curtains. Not only was it ultra comfortable, but there was someone who took care of us all day long and was bringing us plates with fruit, prosecco and coffee. So there was still something to do! :))))

In the afternoon, the sky began to look like a big storm, which was a good fit, because we were supposed to get a massage, so we didn’t feel like we were missing something. By the way, we got soooo tan on that one day at the beach. When we got back home, nobody believed us, that we spent just one day on the beach. Anyways, the massage was great. Of course I fell asleep twice, which was a proof of how great it was 🙂

Well, and in the evening, we went for dinner to the hotel restaurant, which wasn’t any smaller than breakfast. The calamaris and paella totally got me! It was a beautiful sunset, so we took some pictures from our balconies, we were just too lazy to go outside, haha:)

Anyways, this day was sooo refreshing and relaxing, and even though I thought it wouldn’t be that much of a fun,  must say it wasn’t bad at all! :))))) Even a hyperactive person like me sometimes needs some rest 🙂 More of these kinds of days! :))

And what about you guys? Do you like to lie on the beach or is just one day enough for you as well? And since this was the last article from Split, you can let me know in the comments, what else you want to know about this trip! In case anyone was interested about the hotel, there is a link in the first article. I really really recommend it, we felt like queens here! <3