Boat trip around Split


Hey everyone!

Another great day in Split! This time me and Natalie went on a boat trip! We set out on Hvar and, on the way, we dove and took a bath! The journey to Hvar took about an hour and a half. When we reached the shore, we parked the boat and jumped onto a little motorboat that took us to the land. We had the best lunch ever – of course seafood. By the way, I’ve tasted lobster for the first time in my life! Im glad I eat all the sea stuff, because otherwise I would have starved to death in Croatia, hahah :))

The weather went against us, but oh well, at least we didn’t get burned haha:) It was cloudy all day, the sun came out just for about 20 minutes on the way back to Split. But it was kinda nice not to have that sweaty mustache hahaha!

Anyways, I have to admit, I could probably spend a week on the yacht, you know, just to sail along the coast! That day went by so quickly!

In the afternoon, when we got back to Split, we took a shower and changed for the opening party, which was the original reason we were actually here. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from the party, because I didn’t want to carry my camera, but it was awesome! Excellent drinks, even better food and a great DJ. The beach club itself was probably the best thing about it! We were leaving around 2am, I guess we were exhausted from all the diving and eating haha:)

And in the next article, I’ll show you the hotel and its surroundings 🙂