Fashion trends

Hey everyone!

During the time I was offline, I have accumulated a lot of forgotten outfit posts that have never appeared on the blog. So here is one, although it’s a bit warm for this kind of an outfit now.

Today, my boyfriend and I talked about whether we are easily subject to fashion trends, and I couldn’t quite get to a conclusion, whether I am subject or not. It made me think about it for a moment. And the reality is that I have my style and I stick to it. When it comes to a fashion trend, I’m never the first one to own it. It always takes me a while to get it. But there are trends, which I will never like.

These bulky puff jackets were one of the trends that didn’t really fascinate me. As well as the so-called ugly shoes. In winter, I’ll always prefer an elegant coat, rather than a jacket. But when I was cooperating with, I took the opportunity to borrow a decent batch of campaign clothes, so I tried something new.

And what about you guys? Are you subject to fashion trends? 🙂