Roadtrip along Highway 1

Hey travellers! 

My roadtrip is coming to an end because we went all the way from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz. In fact, we used the Highway 1 from the south to the north, which is way more beautiful than the 5. We made a short stop in Malibu, Monterey, Morro Bay, Big Sur and slept at the McWay Falls

It was funny, that we didn’t even think of a place to sleep that day. We just thought we could find something on the way. When we got to Big Sur I had my head out of the window the whole time, searching for a place to sleep. The sun began to go down at an unbelievable speed, and after trying to find a place in the dark, back in Joshua, we started to look for it about an hour before the sunset. 

We couldn’t find anything, of course, so we got to the McWay Falls, just risking it and hoping to find something there. We parked the car and began to look where we could pitch the tent. We walked along some path and suddenly there was a spot on the cliff where we saw a brown sign with a picture of a tent. We’ve never seen such a sign anywhere, until now, when we were (I was) about to freak out. And nobody was there! And next to the place there was a table and a bench. We didn’t believe it, however we cheered, went to the car for all the things and pitched the tent in the best place we could find.

The sunset was once again totally spectacular, so we just sat down on the cliff and watched it until it was gone. Then we sat on the bench and talked about life till late. Everything was great until I first realized that there are bears in California, so I got quite hysterical about being eaten at night. And of course, at night, I heard something sniffing around us, but I didn’t dare to move. 
The next morning we went back to the car and drove further up to San Francisco, where our paths split and I continued on my own, but more about that in the next article! <3