-5 degrees

Hey everyone!

Guess where I went dressed like that! I was wearing a thermo t-shirt, regular t-shirt, blazer and a fur coat. I even took off my gloves, scarf and beanie before the shooting, so I wouldn’t look like a total retard.

Well of course I went shooting my show. We had to shoot at least two episodes before my departure to the States, since I was gonna be gone for two weeks. But it was freezing outside and we had to stand in that kind of weather for a couple of hours.

So that’s why so many layers. My whole outfit is from Forever21, which just opened a new branch in the Chodov shopping mall and I was present on the opening, which was pretty awesome. I always love the new stores, because everything is so perfect there and they’re super-clean and organized and that’s awesome to see, haha:) 

By the way, speaking of Chodov, I went there recently, just after the big reconstruction and it almost made me wanna cry, haha:) There is so many stores!! I remember my first time to the mall in Dubai, which I think is the biggest mall in the world. I mean, I love shopping obviously, but that was way too much for me too. I gave it up after about 15 minutes, because I was soooo lost, haha. And I’m gonna have to get used to the Chodov mall since it’s not far from the one in Dubai. I mean size wise.

Unfortunately Christmas is coming anyways and we will all have to get to those malls eventually, which kinda scares me. I don’t usually buy many Christmas presents since our family is supersmall, so every year I manage to get everything online. Speaking of which, how about I write an inspiration article about different gift ideas? Not saying that I’m some kind of a pro when it comes to giving gifts, but something might catch your eye:) Would you want an article like that? 🙂 



Coat, t-shirt, pants, shoes, blazer – Forever 21
Handbag – Paul’s Boutique