Roadtrip around Slovenia

Hey guys! 

Those who follow me on my Instagram already know, where my next steps from Mt Blanc went! And those who don’t, they’ll find out right now!:) 

From Zurich I flew straight to Ljubljana, where this InstaMeet was taking place. It was an event for bloggers/photographers from different countries. Together with them I was exploring not so typical places in Slovenia. The goal of this trip was to tell people that Slovenia is not just Lake Bled and Triglav, which we intentionally didn’t even visit because everybody knows them. 

I love Slovenia to the Moon and back, so I didn’t hesitate for a second and immediately took this amazing chance. We explored the fantastic town of Piran, an old church in Hrastovlje, which is surrounded by vineyards, incredibly interesting salt mines of Sečovlje, Lipica (where they keep hundreds of Lipizzaner horses!), so-called Heart Road which is a road that from a certain angle looks like a heart, Stari Grad in Celje, Maribor, which just held a folklore festival, and also Ljubljana, the capital. 

It kinda seemed like an eating tour because we stopped by every good restaurant and tasted different kinds of wines at different vineyards haha:)

I will not write about every single place we visited but feel free to ask questions! I’d be thrilled to tell you more about it or give you some recommendations! 🙂


1. Sečovlje 

2 – Piraň

3 – Ljubljana

4 – Lipica

5 – Stary Grad v Celje

6 – Heart Road

7 – Maribor