Roadtrip around the Czech Republic with Coca-Cola van

Hey guys! 

As you know from my Instagram, I set out on a roadtrip around the Czech Republic with the best crew I could ever wish for. Hynek, Natálka and Bára are exactly the same punkers as I am, and it was soooo nice to spend three days with them.

Coca-Cola lent us Colin. And who exactly is Colin? 

It’s a car. But not just any car. It’s a red Volkswagen veteran from 1972.

Originally we planned to go to Sumava, but this grandpa would probably not make it all the way there, so we rethought our plans and went to Křivoklátsko region, which eventually turned out to be much more beautiful than I expected. It’s a shame that I travel around the world, but I don’t really know my own country, so I was quite surprised how beautiful the places we visited were. 

Actually, we didn’t have any specific plans, except for about three places, so we kinda didn’t know where we were going 99 % of the time. And we discovered some quite ordinary, but in a sense, wonderful places that took our breath. Maybe we were just lucky with the light, weather and even the places we discovered by coincidence, but the photos that were created on this roadtrip are stunning I think. We stopped at random meadows and fields, in a random forest, visited the festival “Hrady” at Točník, accompanied Natálka who sky dived at Pribram airport, climbed to the wonderful viewpoint called “Altan” (I later found out that it’s also called Solenická Podkova) and explored the quarry called Homolák. 

Most of the time, the most experienced person in our crew was driving – Hynek, hihi 🙂 It’s no joke to drive this car by the way. You have to turn the steering wheel five times to make the car turn all the way, the brakes didn’t really work, so you had to use all your body weight to stop the car, so nothing for the ones who have sore legs all the time (:D). The gear stick was like the one in a bus, so it’s basically a ball on a meter-long stick. Whenever we switched the engine off, we couldn’t start it again, so pushing the car was on a daily order. So Hynek’s got my respect, for both being able to handle the driving and also managing to stand three  girls for three days. 

So take a look at the photos and check out how much we enjoyed it! 🙂

And what about you guys? Do you like the Czech Republic? Do you have a favorite place here? 🙂