Stromovny – spending the night in the middle of a forest

Another cool accommodation has been created in the Czech Republic, which I had the opportunity to try out! Its name is Stromovny.

Regular readers already know what a fan I am when it comes to architecture and glamping, so as soon as Stromovny opened to the public, I didn’t hesitate to book one night.

The first thing I’ll mention is definitely the design. I can say it’s the most beautiful cabin I’ve ever been to. The exterior and interior are brilliantly designed to make perfect use of every square metre. It really was a joy to see such an accomplished work that fitted perfectly with its surroundings.

The price for one night is quite high, so if you want to spend the weekend here, it’s going to cost you a fortune.

In return, however, there will be absolutely undisturbed silence, as the cabin is in the middle of a forest where you will not come across a single soul. Even the driveway is unpaved and not suitable for all cars. We arrived after the rain and quite appreciated our jeep. We wouldn’t get through with a regular car, and we’d have to leave it by the main road, about a kilometer from the cabin.

Breakfast is included, and you can pay extra for wine or tapas, which was the only thing that let us down, since it included too much onion, which I hate.