Summer calling


I’m so happy that there’s finally pretty nice wether out there! I can’t wait for 25 degrees all day long, not just at 2pm 🙂

But I’ll my summer a bit earlier than everyone else! 🙂 I already have two confirmed trips! First one is to Venice for two days in two weeks and the other one is to Split, Croatia for three days. Both are work trips, but you know how I feel about my work … :)))) And surely you have something to look forward to, there will be tonsssss of photos and maybe even some videos 🙂

I also finally bought my first RayBans !!!! Hahahaha and I’m crazy about them! I’ve always been so messy when it comes to my sunglasses. I worn them in my handbag together with my keys and other stuff, so you can imagine how they looked like after two weeks. Also, I have another bad habit. Every time I wear sunglasses and have to get out of my car to get gas or something, I always take them off and put them on the driver’s seat. When I get back into the car, I always forget and sit on them, of course. That’s how I destroyed at least five of them. So I said to myself, that I don’t deserve expensive glasses since I’m not able to treat them nicely. But now?! Now I protect my RayBans as if they were made of gold O:-)

I also bought new shoes from Reserved, because I loved how simple they were, but they’re the most uncomfortable shoes I own. I walked about a kilometer in them the other day, and I had to take them off, because my feet were bleeding 🙁 So even if you like my new slip-ons, don’t buy them or you end up with blisters like me. 

Anyways, I wanted to write about summer mainly! I wanted to write about what I think of, when it comes to summer. In addition to such clichés, such as traveling and no school, I thought of a few other things.

As a small kid, I used to eat ice-cream all day long, and it was a symbol of summer for me. I remember I loved the ice cream from Svetozor, because it was the best one in Prague. Yesterday, it all came to me again, when after shooting the whole day, we went to Svetozor to get a little refreshed. Because I’m a fitness trainer, I can’t just eat ice-cream whenever I want anymore. But what got my attention, was a sorbet made from their 100% strawberry ice-cream and I have to say that this is a healthy and tasty alternative to classic ice-cream! 🙂 It wasn’t so sweet, so I didn’t feel pangs of conscience. Definitely recommended! 🙂

Dresses are another symbol of summer for me. I love wearing dresses and I wear them all summer long. And most of all, I love the shirt dresses. Over the winter, I gathered dozens of them, so I’m looking forward to wearing them finally! 

Also, in the summer my hair changes color from brown to blonde and my eyes are brighter too! I’m also very tan in the summer and I’ve never got burned in my life. Who else has this too? :)))

And what comes to your mind, when you think of summer? What does summer mean to you, guys? :)))



Culottes – Answear
Top – Asos
Jacket – Zara
Shoes – Reserved
Sunglasses – RayBan