The girl in the brown crook

Hey guys!

First, I would like to thank everyone for all the support that you’ve given me after releasing one of the last articles 🙂 I really appreciate it and together with you guys, I figured that it really is the weather, what causes this bad mood. This winter has been so long and one sunny day per week is simply not enough for me. I never understood why there is the largest percentage of suicides in Norway during winter, but now it’s quite logical. Weather seriously affects mood. Yup.

But it looks like I’m out of the woods. I now have enough work, so I don’t have time to think about it anymore. Like today I held a lecture at the University of Economics. I talked about the dress-codes and fashion in corporate firms and I quite enjoyed it 🙂 We got an interesting discussion and I’m glad that more and more people are interested in fashion.

Anyways, as far as my outfit goes, I got this shirt dress in Valencia is Cos. And given that my favorite piece of clothing is a white shirt, you can certainly imagine how much I love white shirt dresses! I have about eight of these and Vojta always said that he didn’t see any difference and they all looked the same to him. The jacket is from Zara I actually bought the same one for my mom. I gotta admit, that this week I couldn’t resist and bought something new to wear even though I said I wouldn’t. I bought this pink ensemble from Zara because their new collection is really top!

Also, I meant to ask you guys, does anyone have any ideas for an article that is somehow connected to fashion? I mean, I have a lot of ideas for fitness articles (and I am aware of not posting any fitness article for a while), but those are pretty hard for me to do because I don’t have anyone to take pictures and document my workouts. But if you have something that relates to fashion, I’ll be really thankful for any tips! :))

Have a wonderful Friday, guys!


Dress – Cos
Jacket – Zara
Shoes – Zara 
Bag – Céline