Beach waves

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Hey guys! 

I just got back from California, but I’m still preparing three more articles about three different places in the States! And since I came back to Prague to this crap rainy & cold weather, I really miss all the sun, beaches and ocean. So I thought I could write an article about how I make my hair look beachy even here, back in Czech. Well, sometimes your beach waves are not done naturally, so you need to give it a hand a little bit, so you could get back to the sunny places, at least mentally, haha:) 

I use this special curling iron from Bellissima. It looks like a hair iron, but it is made for curling your hair. It’s super-easy to use it! You basically take a small portion of your hair and squeeze it in between the two plates, as if you used a regular iron. Hold it there for about 5 seconds and then release it and move the iron about 10 cm down in the direction of your hair. Repeat it till the whole length of your hair is wavy. 

The iron has two exchangeable patterns – a smaller one for smaller waves and a bigger one for bigger waves. I used to the bigger one. 

Since I have really fine hair, none of the waves actually lasts longer than 2 hours. Not speaking about the huge ones like from the commercials.. Not a chance, haha:) These little waves are the only ones that actually last all day long because they don’t put that much pressure on my hair. 

And for those of you, who could use this iron as well as me, there is a competition on my Instagram, where you can win one of these, so take a look!:) And if you like any other product from Bellissima, I got a 20% discount for shopping on Just use the code BEL20!:) <3